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We offer a large selection of glass mosaic tiles, vitreous glass mosaic tiles, stainless steel mosaic tiles, aventurine glass mosaic tiles, transparent glass mosaic, hand-made glazed ceramic tiles, focal tiles, glass gems, glass flowers, glass fish, glass cubes, glass mosaic shapes, tumbled pottery, unglazed porcelain mosaic tiles, tumbled recycled glass, stained glass, mirror tiles, unusual mosaic tesserae, adhesives, mosaic tile grids, mosaic mounting paper, mosaic mesh and mosaic tape.

Mosaics are compositions formed from small pieces, or tesserae, and add energy and richness to a space by combining different materials or breaking the monotony of one sole wall covering, also being used as decorative borders or to frame different zones such as the shower or basin.

However, they can also be the main feature of a space, filling it with reflections and a colourful intensity.

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