About Us

Everyone deserves a home where they can enjoy and have a quality time. Flooring plays an important role in home. It has a great impact on your mood. You will notice how a good floor can put you in a good mood.


With an emphasis on price and value, our mission is to transform regular houses into outstanding ones. No matter, if you are renting your home to a friend or renovating it for yourself. You will always need a beautiful flooring material to make your house look elegant and stunning. Therefore, we have a wide range of materials such as: composite floor, vinyl floor, wetroom floor, textile floor and much more. We will assist you in finding the best, cost-effective and durable material for your home. You can find further information about our material in different blogs on our website. We always complete projects on schedule and under budget, whether they include creating a unique bathroom or realizing your ideal kitchen.


One of the most ecologically beneficial raw materials is wood, which is valued and renewable. Our company understands the value of natural resources therefore we prefer the material that is reusable and recyclable. Our company is continually studying and making investments to fully implement sustainability.

Our aim 

Our goal is to serve not only Sweden but worldwide. We strive to import flooring products of the best quality and lowest cost possible for the Swedish people. Our goal is to become Sweden’s top provider of attractive, long-lasting, and reasonably priced floors.

Our team

In order to produce successful projects across the world, more than 100 employees are working hard both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Our employees are seriously dedicated to the work. They share knowledge and expertise while paying close attention to clients’ objectives in order to produce successful projects of all sizes.


We are honestly dedicated to upholding high standards and the idea of continuous progress. Our team members have a disciplined approach to all tasks related to meeting the unique needs of the customer in order to achieve high quality and continuous progress.