Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linoleum Flooring

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linoleum Flooring

Do you want a long-lasting flooring material? Do you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of linoleum flooring? Linoleum flooring is the most popular choice because of its durability and adaptability. No matter where you want to install linoleum flooring, it works everywhere in the house. Linoleum flooring is often confused with vinyl flooring although they are two different materials. However, if you are willing to buy linoleum flooring keep its advantages and disadvantages in your mind.

What is linoleum flooring? 

Linoleum is made up of natural elements which make it durable and renewable. Different manufacturers make it in their different style but generally it is made up of linseed oil, jute, cork powder, tree resin, and wood flour. Linoleum, unlike vinyl flooring, has the design embedded into the material rather than being applied in many layers.

Advantages of linoleum flooring 

Back then the use of linoleum flooring was limited. It was only used in schools and hospitals but it is now making a comeback as a green alternative to vinyl. It is scratch and wear resistant. The surface of the floor is antibacterial which makes it best for hospitals. Not only this but also the material is recyclable and it has a three times longer lifespan than vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is water resistant, inexpensive, and simple to install. Installation is a do-it-yourself activity that may be completed over the weekend. Vinyl is also more resistant to various cleaning chemicals. It comes in a broad range of finishes and styles because it is a synthetic substance. Vinyl also allows cushioning to be installed beneath the flooring, making it more yielding and pliable, which helps insulate the space.


The biggest advantage of linoleum flooring is that it requires minimum maintenance. Linoleum is a reasonably low-maintenance flooring option. It merely requires cleaning and mopping on occasion to maintain tip-top shape. You only need to use light detergent and linoleum cleaning solution to avoid any harm to the surface. Linoleum does not require a lot of maintenance to keep it in a good shape as vinyl flooring. Linoleum is a softer substance that scratches and gouges readily. To avoid this, it must be sealed on a regular basis to prevent moisture damage and discoloration.


Linoleum flooring has a consistent color and pattern over the whole thickness of the material. This limits the design choices, but it also ensures that the pattern will not fade over time. Linoleum makers are employing cutting-edge printing processes to produce vibrant colors, patterns, and even natural-looking effects. You can create an unlimited number of designs by using usefulness and functionality. Linoleum flooring now is a far cry from what it was 50 years ago. While retro-looking linoleum is still available, today’s linoleum may be printed in a broad range of colors, patterns, and faux-natural appearances to fit our aesthetic demands.

Disadvantages of linoleum flooring 


The only drawback of linoleum is installation. Usually installation does not require professionals to install but since the linoleum sheets are huge therefore they are difficult to cut and handle. Which is why professionals are needed to install linoleum flooring. Installing the sheets usually entails using a glue-down bond and welding the joints together. Linoleum tiles and planks, which are preferable for DIY installs, may be used to finish modern linoleum floors. These tiles feature a click-lock system that allows them to float over the subfloor without the use of adhesive and click together like Legos.


Linoleum flooring comes with a lot of benefits apart from being long-lasting it can also be recycled. People do not often like to change flooring frequently; they want things to last a longer, if you are one of them look no further and go for linoleum flooring. EBYGGHANDEL.SE has a wide range of linoleum in different designs, patterns, sizes and colors.

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