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Everything You Need To Know About Linoleum Flooring

Are you considering linoleum flooring? Hospitals, cafeterias, schools and grandparent’s kitchens would be the first thought when you think about linoleum flooring. But this material is so durable and water resistant that people are willing to buy linoleum floors. There should be no second thought if you have made up your mind to get linoleum flooring. But here are a few things that you need to know before making a purchase.

What is linoleum flooring?

Linoleum flooring is made up from linseed oil which is mixed with some natural material such as: cork dust, wood flour, pine resin, crushed limestone and colors before being pressed onto a woven background composed of jute, a natural plant fiber. Linoleum is 100% natural because it is made up from natural material and this is what makes it different from other materials. Linoleum has a negative reputation since it used to require regular resealing with liquid wax. But  now Linoleum has made a comeback with a long-lasting factory finish that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Is linoleum easy to clean?

There are a lot of ways to clean linoleum. You need to clean linoleum flooring regularly to make it last long. Sweep them everyday and use mop once or twice a week. You can mop them according to your desired method. Also you can vacuum them to remove dirt from unwanted parts. And if you find any stubborn stains you can use cleaners, vinegar and baking soda to keep your linoleum flooring clean.

Is bleach safe to use on my linoleum floor?

Bleach is a harsh material to use on your linoleum flooring therefore you need to do a few things before you use bleach on your floor. Always test it on a scrap piece of linoleum before you try it on the floor.  To avoid any discolouration or damage, you should test it first. Bleach is so powerful that you should dilute it with water and then use it because applying it directly can harm your linoleum flooring.

What is the best way to cover linoleum with carpet?

If your surface is flat and secure you can lay carpet over it without any problem. But if the surface is uneven it can be a problem and it doesn’t work well. You should glue down the carpet or use tack strips around the room. This will help in keeping two together and operate as one floor rather than two disjointed floorings heaped on top of each other.

Is linoleum safe to use in bathrooms?

Linoleum is a fantastic choice for bathrooms as long as the water doesn’t sit around the borders for too long. Although the linoleum is water resistant, keep an eye out for slippery patches. However, linoleum is available in a variety of styles that are mostly used in bathrooms. For example, tile flooring selections might make it appear as if you have pricey tile in your bathroom when you don’t.

Is linoleum resistant to water?

Linoleum has a basic water resistance that you will not get in other materials such as wood.  Also it can bear up the typical wear and tear of foot activity. This is beneficial to the area that receives wet shoes and snow covered boots from outdoors.  Also it works well in the kitchens and bathrooms. However do not submerge the linoleum floor in water since they can cause the curls to edges and corners. Floods, broken pipes, and even excessive humidity all have the potential to cause harm. Instead, look at similar vinyl tile possibilities for a more waterproof solution.

Can I use laminated linoleum?

Laminate is an excellent way to cover linoleum. You can certainly just lay the laminate over the linoleum for this. Again, it’s preferable to remove the linoleum first, but it won’t hurt to attempt to leave it in place. Because tile has the potential to break and the grout lines to fall apart. The worst that may happen with laminate is that the planks separate from each other. As a result, it is safe to test it this way.

What are the types of linoleum flooring?

Linoleum flooring comes in two different types:


Linoleum sheets are available in a variety of colors, designs and different amounts of marbling. To add aesthetic interest and highlight the certain part of your home you can add different borders and insets. However, sheets are often different and difficult to carry and manage. You will need professionals to install the sheet.


Installing linoleum tiles is interesting because you can lay them down in almost any design that you have thought of, from checkerboards to diamonds. Also you can add two or three colors for a refreshing change.


Linoleum flooring has a lot of advantages compared to other materials. Despite the water resistant quality it is long lasting and you do not have to worry about its maintenance. This article has all the basic information that you need before buying a linoleum.

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