How Can I Keep The Laminate Floor Clean?

How Can I Keep The Laminate Floor Clean?

Do you want your flooring to last long? The only way is to clean your floor. You can clean laminate floors in different ways. Laminated floors are high in demand because it is low maintenance and looks amazing. However, we have compiled a list of ways to clean your floor.

Sweeping and vacuuming

Dirt not only detracts from the appearance of your flooring, but it may also cause microscopic scratches in laminate flooring, dulling the color of the planks over time. To avoid abrasion, it is advised that you sweep or vacuum your floors at least once a week, ideally with a soft dust mop or other indoor instrument.


Make sure to clean your mop before mopping your laminate flooring, especially if the planks’ water resistance is low. You won’t have to worry about water absorption if you don’t flood the flooring under any circumstances. To avoid soaking, it is usually a good idea to dry the laminate flooring after cleaning.

Dealing with spills

It’s critical to be able to clean up any spills as quickly as possible. This reduces the chance of liquid leaking through to the flooring or, worse, stains. Laminate flooring are all absorbent to some extent, and you don’t want a bottle of red or pasta sauce to end up on them.

Pet Accidents

We are often asked to repair boards which have a bad smell and stains. Apart from training your pet, it is difficult to keep your board odorless and prevent it from pet’s poops. You need to clean your pet’s poop immediately. Also you can use pH neutral laminate floor cleaning if the smell is still there.

Avoid water 

The laminate’s composite layer is made up of wood particles that are densely packed and adhered together. It absorbs moisture and solid wood boards. When water soaks into the flooring, it expands, which can cause it to warp, bend, bubble, or even split the planks. Laminate flooring has a water-resistant top layer. Even yet, if water is allowed to soak, it will leak through the spaces between the boards. If there is a spill of water or another liquid on the floor, clean it up as quickly as possible.

Avoid heat 

A thin sheet of textured plastic serves as the top layer of laminate. It is also known as the wear layer. High heat can melt the plastic, causing it to lose its texture, peel off the wear layer, or degrade the glue that holds the composite layer together. However, using a steam cleaner on laminate flooring should be avoided at all costs. After just one cleaning, the combination of heat and moisture can cause lasting damage to the floor.

Dos and Don’ts for laminate floors. 

Here are some laminate flooring dos and don’ts:



While cleaning the laminate floor, you can perform the following:


  • Read the cleaning instructions that came with your laminate flooring very carefully. The finest advice on how to maintain the floor is frequently given by the manufacturers.
  • As soon as possible, remove any stains or staining chemicals that have accumulated on the floor.
  • Wipe the floor down with a gentle microfiber cloth or sponge. Always use a broom with soft bristles when cleaning.
  • Please take the time to learn how to build your own laminate floor cleaning and experiment with various stain kinds. Strong industrial cleaners can etch the laminate, so avoid them.
  • As a cleaning agent, only use diluted vinegar. When left in a puddle, concentrated vinegar is very acidic and may eat through laminate.


While cleaning laminate floors, there are a few things you should avoid:

  • When cleaning with hot water and detergent/vinegar, avoid soaking the floor with a drippy mop.
  • Steam cleaners should not be used on the laminated floor.
  • Brooms with bristles that leave particles that can scrape the surface should not be used.
  • Use no products that give the laminate a gleaming sheen. These can leave a waxy residue that’s tough to remove.
  • Don’t wipe the floor with vinegar solution too often. When cleaning vast regions, it should only be used as a last option.
  • Check any new cleaning products for laminate floor compatibility before using them.


Laminate floors are a great alternative for homeowners searching for a stylish and cost-effective flooring solution. When you will follow proper maintenance techniques. However we have a wide range of laminate floors available in different colors, design and patterns.

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