How High A Fence Can You Build?

How High A Fence Can You Build?

If you are planning to build a high fence you will need a build fence building permit. Because without a permission you are not allowed to build fences taller than 100 meters. However there are some difficulties in building a fence. If you don’t get a build fence building permit you might face court and long procedures that may cost your time and money. Therefore we are here to answer your common questions.

Types of fence 

Type of fence plays an important role in the fence height. It may be lower than if you are building a fence for optimum protection and privacy, for instance, if you are installing the fence to define a property border or to accentuate a garden.

  • Privacy fence 

You may erect a privacy fence to keep curious neighbors out of your yard. You’d like a privacy fence to be as high as feasible, about six feet high, and made of solid material (wood or vinyl).

  • Garden fence 

To keep dogs and other animals out of your flower or vegetable garden, you’ll erect a garden fence. It might not be as high as a privacy fence. The lovely garden should be visible to you while keeping animals of all sizes out.

  • Pool fence 

Most jurisdictions have laws requiring pool barriers. For safety reasons, most pool fences are 48 inches tall and impossible to scale. Check your local building office rules since there are severe legal requirements for pool fences.

  • Dog fence 

The size of your pet will tell you how high a fence you need. For example, if you have a tiny dog, you might be able to create a fence that is lower than if you have a huge dog. To prevent larger creatures from harassing your pet when they are playing in your yard, you may want the tallest fence available in either scenario.

Will my neighbor pay for a new fence?

Yes. Typically, the neighbor will split the cost of an appropriate fence if you wish to build fences on a shared border with them or upgrade an existing one. Both the parties must mutually build fences.

Who will pay the build fence cost? 

You can cover the whole build fence cost or improve an existing fence on a shared border with a neighbor. You can ask your neighbor to divide the build fence cost. In the event that you and your neighbor are unable to reach an agreement, the Fencing Act outlines a process for making your neighbor pay a portion of the bill.

How to prevent expensive mistakes?

When you build your own fence, many things might go wrong. You are constrained not just by size but also by property lines. Before excavating, make sure your property lines are clearly marked. Otherwise, you risk encroaching on your neighbor’s land or, worse, damaging a pipe or electricity line. Ideally, you’ll have to take down your fence and start anew. The worst scenario involves costly fines and legal action. By initially speaking with a qualified contractor, you may avoid these pricey blunders.

Can you build your own fence?

Yes you can build your own fence in your area, if you and your neighbors are unable to come to an agreement. You can construct the fence inside of your property’s boundaries. The entire build fence cost will be on you.

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