Maintain wooden floors

How To Maintain Wooden Floors?

Wooden floors have been popular in demand since forever. Wooden floors give a traditional look with a pinch of elegance and beauty. If you maintain Wooden floors then it can last longer. However, you need to protect your wooden floors and take care of them. This article will tell you how you can prolong the life of wooden floors. Continue reading.

Maintain wooden floors

You can maintain the beauty of a wooden deck by protecting it from unwanted damages. One of the most important things is to clean your wooden floors on time. The dirt needs to be wiped immediately to avoid stains. Another important factor that needs to be considered is that you should clean the lacquer or oil because initially it protects your floors but the leftover liquid can cause harm. Also, Protecting your flooring from scratches and dents is another technique to keep it in good shape. Small scuffs and indentations are unavoidable, but there are steps you can do to avoid bigger, more significant scratches.

Use shoe racks 

To begin, take off your shoes before going on your wooden floor. Dirt and grit on the bottoms of outdoor boots are prone to scrape your floor if stepped on. Ideally, shoes and boots should be stored in a porch, garage, or pantry, but you may also use a doormat or shoe rack. Remove any stones or dirt from your wooden floor as soon as possible.

Use Furniture Pads

You can use furniture pads to avoid scratches from your furniture because scratches are the most unavoidable and difficult issue to resolve with wooden flooring. While some scrapes are unavoidable, others can easily be avoided. Adding furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, couches, tables, and other furniture is one of the best ways to avoid them.

Daily sweep or dust your wooden floors  

Cleaning your wooden floor is the most important thing because even if you have a no-shoes policy at home, dust accumulates everywhere and settles into the grain and between the floorboards. Therefore it is necessary to keep your floor clean. Consider it a hygiene concern if you have animal companions around the house who never stop shedding.

Vacuum at least once a week 

Vacuuming once in a week is very important because only sweeping a wooden floor is not enough. There is still some dirt in between the floorboards therefore vacuuming ensures that any crumbs and debris missed when sweeping do not harm your flooring

Sand and refinish your wooden floors 

Sanding and refinishing your wood floors will renew your floors and remove all unwanted marks and scratches. There are other options too but it depends on your floors and floor types.  Also, You can add more oil to your wooden floor if it has an oiled surface and you want to hide little scratches.

First and foremost, you must properly clean your floor. Apply another coat of oil after that. Before reinstalling furniture or stepping on it, it will need to dry for the required period of time. Your wooden floor will be brightened and refreshed as a result.


If you have a lacquered wooden floor and wish to diminish the appearance of minor scratches, lightly sand the surface and then add more lacquer. The final result will be a revitalized wooden floor. You will need to do a deep sanding and refinishing with oil or lacquer if you have significant, deep dents or scratches.

Oiled wooden flooring

To protect and preserve the finish, oiled floors should be cleaned using a pH-balanced wood floor cleaner. Domestic household cleansers, which are meant to break down oil and grease, can instead deteriorate or peel oil finishes off floors over time. Floor cleaners are available in both ready-to-use and concentrated (water-diluted) formulations. With the correct care solutions, maintaining the finish of oiled floors is both quick and simple. Even high-traffic areas that have grown dull or worn can be simply repaired without the need for sanding.


Wooden floors look beautiful and gorgeous if they are maintained properly. You can maintain your wooden flooring by using several methods. We hope that you will find this article helpful and informative. Wooden floors come in a variety of designs and patterns.

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