Is The Composite Floor Easy To Clean?

Is The Composite Floor Easy To Clean?

What is a composite floor?

Composite floor is famous because of the benefits it gives. It is also known as engineered floor.

Composite floor is available in a wide range of styles and colors. Composite floor is made up of  thick plywood and is coated with a thin veneer of solid wood. The green wood is used in its making and  By using the tree bits left over after solid boards have been cut, this protects old-growth forests. Composite floor gives a look of wood and is more durable than wood.

Cleaning is the most important factor of maintaining anything. People often don’t care about the cleaning or do it more than the requirement. If a floor is left unclean it can damage your floor and can become the reason for a bad smell. There are a lot of benefits of cleaning daily. Therefore you need to see how you can keep your floor clean. This article will guide you all about cleaning. Continue reading.

Here are some important point to be discussed:

How to make a shiny surface 

It’s advisable to stay away from too many soap-based solutions if you want to keep composite floors looking polished. A dull look and accumulation are the results of using too much soap. Use a commercial solution designed especially for composite floors to prevent streaking. Avoid using any soap-based cleansers at all if streaks are still a problem.

Use of baking soda 

Try using baking soda to naturally clean laminate wood floors, especially if they are quite filthy. It is an environmentally friendly cleanser. You can use it with a soft cloth or sponge by combining baking soda with water. Before usage, combine a solution of one tablespoon baking soda to one cup of warm water and mix.


You can easily clean unexpected spills on your wood plastic composite floor. But like with any surface, any spill should be cleaned up right once since the longer it remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. Just use warm water and a mild cleanser to wipe up the spillage. Hard scrubbing or abrasive cleansers are not necessary.

Plywood sheets 

Always use plywood sheets while moving furniture, appliances, or other big things over the flooring. This is a fantastic technique to keep your floor from getting scuff marks or rips. To further protect your floor, think about placing vinyl coasters beneath the feet and legs of your furniture.

Air fresheners

Verify to check whether your flooring is the source of the scent. You should at least try to cover up the smell if scattering baking soda over the area, letting it sit overnight, and then cleaning and vacuuming it up doesn’t work. Air fresheners function to totally mask odors in a space. The air freshener will diffuse after being sprayed into the air to also refresh the composite flooring. Place a bowl of liquid all-purpose cleanser in the area where the stench is strong and leave it there overnight to help conceal the smell.

Pets odor

Pet urine can be the reason for your health and harm your composite floor permanently. Dog urine may get underneath the flooring and into the wood, which results in permanent staining and odor. Sometimes changing the flooring is the only way to eliminate the odor. Therefore if you see the pets urine clean it immediately

It’s possible that you won’t even notice the irreversible harm until a hot summer day brings out the offensive odor. We can thus do our best to eliminate pet odor from hardwood floors, but you should be warned that it can return to haunt you in a few months.


When it comes to clean composite floors, it is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore the demand is increasing day by day. To get the best quality composite floor, get your shopping done with EBYGGHANDEL.SE.

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