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Privacy and cookie policy

Privacy and cookie policy This is a privacy and cookie policy for Eko Bygghandel Öresund AB (hereinafter: "Eko Bygghandel"). In this policy, we explain how Eko Bygghandel processes personal data. We collect this information via our web shop byggochfix.se (hereinafter referred to as: "web shop"). In addition, we acquire personal information when customers contact us offline, for example to request information. This policy also applies to cookies that we use in the web shop.


This privacy and cookie policy for Eko Bygghandel uses the following terms:
Webshop: the webshop byggochfix.se and all other webshops appointed by Eko Bygghandel, URL or application.
Interaction: the use of functions in the web shop such as wish list, checkout, newsletter subscription, my account, auctions and chat.
Webshop visitors: a customer who visits the webshop for the first time who does not interact with the webshop.
The webshop's customers: a customer who interacts with the webshop.
Account: the account that a customer must create via the web shop in order to place an order.
Privacy and cookie policy: Eko Bygghandel's privacy and cookie policy.


Eko Bygghandel respects the confidentiality of its customers, business relationships and users of the web shop. We ensure that all personal information that Eko Bygghandel has received, is protected and treated confidentially.


  • 3.1. WEB SHOP Visitors
    To make your visit to Eko Bygghandel's webshop more attractive to visitors, Eko Bygghandel collects your personal information and navigation behaviors on our web shop, and if you have found our web shop via our advertising partners. These tasks include, for example:

    Displayed products
    IP address
    How to get into our web shop
    Where you left our webshop
    With what type of device you visited our web shop
    Among other things, the above information is used to better understand the webshop's visitors, to load the correct webshop and to display relevant ads.

    For the webshop's customers, we collect the same information as for the webshop's visitors, supplemented with information that customers share with us, for example:
    To be able to place an order in the web shop, participate in auctions and submit reviews, you need an account.

    First and last name
    Email Address
    The information mentioned above is used for the following purposes:
    Create and manage your account
    To prevent fraud, abuse and / or misuse of your account
    To view the products you have ordered in your account
    To optimize claims and keep track of contact history for orders in the web shop and products offered by third parties
    The information is stored at least as long as you have an account at Eko Bygghandel.

  • 3.2.2 ORDERS

    Through your account, you can place orders for products offered in the web shop. As part of the ordering process, you need to provide us with additional information in addition to the information needed to create an account. This applies to the delivery address:

    Email Address
    Delivery address
    Phone number
    Company name (if applicable)
    VAT number (if applicable)
    The information above and your account information are used for the following purposes, among others:

    To keep you informed about the status of your orders
    To complete the order / agreement, including delivery and so-called obligations after sale
    To improve our service To handle questions and complaints
    To customize marketing activities
    To order on behalf of a company


    Once you have filled in the information about the delivery address, we ask you for the following information for your invoice address.
    Company name (if applicable)
    Invoice address
    Phone number
    Payment method
    This information is used, inter alia, for the following purposes:

    To appear on the invoice
    To contact you regarding the completion of the order, invoicing or delivery
    To be able to receive payment and optimize the process at checkout
    To prevent fraud and hacking
    The selected payment method and your IP address are forwarded to our payment provider Klarna, Paypal, after which they handle the payment.


    Through your account, you can also place orders for products with third-party sellers (hereinafter: "Other sellers"), which are offered in our web shop. Eko Bygghandel forwards your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number to other sellers so that they can handle your order.
    Eko Bygghandel uses a communication application for the communication between you and other sellers. This communication is stored on behalf of Eko Bygghandel and can be viewed by Eko Bygghandel. It is used to:
    Provide you and / or other sellers with support in case of questions and / or problems.
    Assess whether other sellers follow the specified service levels.
    Improve the process


    Eko Bygghandel works together with Klarna and Paypal to make payments possible via the web shop.
    To make payments via Klarna and Paypal possible, the following information is collected:

    • Email Address
    • Company Name (if applicable)
    • Name
    • Invoice Address
    • Delivery address
    • Phone number
    • Order Value
    • IP address
    • Order number
    • Unit
    • Payment Method
    • This information is used for the following purposes, among others:

    • To send a payment notification via e-mail
    • To assess the risk of fraud
    • To send order number via email when paying or canceling the order
    • To forward the order value and the payment method so that the receipt of the payment via the selected payment method can be verified. Furthermore, better service can be provided for questions about payment, cancellation and refund. This also helps prevent errors during the payment process, making the experience more enjoyable.

    By choosing "Clear invoice" as the payment method, you agree that we collect the following (personal) information and make it available to Klarna AB, Sveavägen 46, 11134 Stockholm, Sweden (hereinafter: "Klarna").

    Contact information
    Date of birth
    Email Address
    IP address
    Phone number
    Social security number
    Information about the order (eg delivery address, invoice address, number of products, product number, customer group, payment method, invoice amount and VAT expressed as a percentage) The above information and your account information are used by Klarna for the following purposes:

    Settlement of purchases on credit
    Verification of identity and solvency of a credit institution
    Your personal information is processed by Klarna in accordance with the applicable privacy policy and the terms of Klarna's privacy policy which is available on Klarna's website (www.klarna.com).

  • 3.2.3 AUCTIONS

    Through your account, you can participate in auctions on the web shop. To participate in auctions, in addition to the information needed to create an account, you must also create a so-called "bidder nickname". Other customers can also see the bidder's nickname.
    This nickname will be used in combination with your account and order information for the following purposes.
    Manage and organize auctions Fight against and control of fraud, abuse and / or accidental use.

  • 3.2.4 MY FAVORITES

    You can create your own favorites in our web shop. If you add products to your favorites list when you are logged in, they will remain on the list for 30 days.
    Among other things, the following information is collected regardless of whether you are logged in or logged out.
    IP address
    Surfing behavior
    If you add products to my favorites when you are logged in, you can always find them under my favorites in my account.
    This information is collected with the intention of marketing so that Eko Bygghandel can remember your favorites when you return to the web shop.

  • 3.2.5 REVIEWS

    You can review products from the web shop via My account. You can only review products that you have purchased. When you submit a review, the following information is collected so that the order and the correct review can be linked to the correct e-mail address.

    Email Address
    Order number
    This information is used to post product reviews on the web shop and to contact the customer in the event of any complaints.


    Via the web shop, you can review the web shop (and service of) Eko Bygghandel. Here too, you must first have placed an order to be able to submit a review. To review Eko Bygghandels customer service, the following information is collected.

    The information is collected to be able to contact you and handle any complaints.

    Via the webshop, you can submit a review by clicking on "Write a review" or similar link. You will then be forwarded to a third-party web shop, one of Eko Bygghandel's partners, which specializes in customer reviews. Via this website, you can write a review after you have accepted the third party terms. This third party is responsible for the processing of your personal data. In this case, Eko Bygghandel refers to the privacy policy of the parties concerned.


    When you purchase a product offered by a third-party seller (hereinafter: "Other Sellers"), you will receive an email requesting a review of the product / other seller. If you submit a review, it will be placed on the so-called other seller's page or relevant other seller. The following (personal) information is visible in the review on this page.

    Review other sellers
    Experience of other seller / purchased product
    The above information is used for the following purposes:

    Survey on customer satisfaction at Eko Bygghandel and / or affiliated companies
    Survey of customer satisfaction with other salespeople and maintaining the other salesperson's service level
    Improved service and processes
    Handling of questions and / or complaints
    Control of abuse (eg leaving several reviews / experiences of one and the same person)


    You can leave a review about Eko Bygghandel via comparison pages that show Eko Bygghandel's products and prices. To submit a review, the following information is collected.

    Email Address
    The information is collected in order to be able to contact the customer and handle any complaints.
    For more information about the information collected, please refer to the privacy policy of relevant other sellers.


    If you have placed an order with Eko Bygghandel or after you have been in contact with Eko Bygghandel, you can be contacted to participate in a survey on customer satisfaction. This examination is performed by an external party. If you participate in such a customer survey, the following (personal) information will be processed:

    Contact information
    E-mail address and / or telephone number
    Experiences with (departments at) Eko Bygghandel and / or affiliated companies
    Information about a placed or delivered order
    IP address
    The above information will be used for the following purposes, among others:

    Survey of customer service regarding (departments at) Eko Bygghandel and / or affiliated companies
    Improved service and processes
    Handling of questions and / or complaints
    Control of abuse (eg several reviews / experiences of one and the same person)


    If you have questions or complaints about a product that you bought from us via the web shop or about Eko Bygghandels customer service or other sellers, you can call us, e-mail us or chat with us. You will find the contact information in the web shop. It is also possible to use our complaint form online, we will request (at least) the following (personal) information:

    First and last name
    Email Address
    Phone number
    Order number (optional / if applicable)
    Description of your complaint
    When using the chat function, only your first and last name, e-mail address and a subject are needed.

    The above information is used to handle your complaint. If your complaint is about a product or service from another seller, this information will be shared with relevant other sellers but only to the extent required to handle the complaint.


    Telefonsamtal med vår kundtjänst kan spelas in i syfte av utbildning, utvärdering eller kvalitet. Du kommer att bli informerad om detta när du kontaktar vår kundtjänst per telefon. Den (personliga) data som spelas in kommer endast att användas för ovannämnda ändamål.
    De inspelade telefonsamtalen lagras och säkras på ett sådant sätt att de inte är tillgängliga för obehöriga personer och behålls aldrig längre än vad som behövs för det specifika syftet.


    Du kan ansöka om olika nyhetsbrev, både allmänna och personliga. De personliga nyhetsbreven skickas baserat på till exempel: dina personuppgifter och orderhistorik, så att vi kan skicka dig mer relevanta nyhetsbrev. Om du vill prenumerera på de kostnadsfria digitala nyhetsbreven skickat av Eko Bygghandel och partners, frågar vi bland annat följande personliga uppgifter.
    Titel För- och efternamn
    Du kan när som helst avregistrera dig från nyhetsbreven genom att logga in på ditt konto och avbryta prenumerationen. Dessutom kan du alltid använda uppsägningslänken i nyhetsbrevet.


    Vi arbetar tillsammans med tredje parter såsom Google och Facebook. Det betyder att data kan lagras på servrar utanför Europa. Olika lagstiftningar om personuppgifter gäller där. Dessa tredje parter följer Privacy Shield Principles och är anslutna till det amerikanska handelsministeriets Privacy Shield Program. Företag som är anslutna till denna princip och program anses vara företag som följer den europeiska säkerhetsnivån för personuppgifter.


    The Eko Bygghandel Group has several offices all over the world. These offices work closely together. Due to this, your data may be processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Eko Bygghandel ensures that your information is well protected throughout the Group.


    Eko Bygghandel may provide your personal information to third parties for the following reasons:
    You have expressed your consent to this
    The agreement you have with us needs to be executed.
    So that products you have ordered from other sellers can be delivered.
    Because Eko Bygghandel has a collaboration with another party in connection with improving our products and services.
    An obligation under law
    To prevent or combat fraud
    If needed by the company management at Eko Bygghandel


    Eko Bygghandel does not store your information longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your information is used, unless the data has to be stored longer due to legal requirements (eg obligation to store). How long certain data is stored depends on the nature of the information and the purposes for which it is processed. The storage period may therefore differ per purpose.

  • 3.3.5 SECURITY

    Eko Bygghandel takes measures to protect your personal data sufficiently. To achieve this, we use funds that suit our activities, the nature and size of our company, as well as the type of data we process. We do this to prevent unauthorized access to, adjustment, disclosure or loss of personal information.
    We expect you to also help protect your personal information by keeping your login information (email address and password) secret. Never share your login information with anyone and treat them with care.


    You can always access your own information and adjust it if necessary, by logging in to your account.
    If you do not have an account, you can request any personal information about you that Eko Bygghandel has. If the information is incorrect, you can ask Eko Bygghandel to adjust. Such a request for personal information can be sent via e-mail or via our complaint form to our customer service.


    You can object to the use of your personal data free of charge. Your objection to the use of your personal data can be directed to our customer service via e-mail or in writing. Within four weeks, you will receive a response from Eko Bygghandel.
    If you oppose the use of your information for direct marketing, Eko Bygghandel will stop using your information for these purposes. You will no longer receive commercial e-mails - for example newsletters - from Eko Bygghandel.


    This privacy and cookie policy does not apply to third-party web shops linked to the web shop. In addition, the privacy and cookie policy does not apply to information collected by companies such as Google. You can customize your settings on your Google Account. Consult their privacy policy for this.
    Eko Bygghandel can in no way be held responsible for how third parties and companies handle your (personal) information. Eko Bygghandel always recommends that you read the privacy and cookie policy on relevant web shops and from relevant companies.



    Eko Bygghandel together with many other web shops uses cookies, files that are similar to cookies and technologies such as "web beacons" (hereinafter: "Cookies").
    A cookie is a small text file that is sent with the page on the web shop via your browser, it is then saved on your computer, phone or tablet hard drive.
    Cookies are used, for example, to save passwords and personal settings, so that you do not have to fill them in the next time you visit the web shop.
    Below is an explanation of how the web shop uses cookies, where cookies come from and why they are used. In order to optimize our own ads and those from third parties, the following data is collected, among other things:

    Purchased products
    Displayed products
    Order value
    How the customer entered the webshop
    Below is a description of how cookies can be rejected and deleted.


    Eko Bygghandel uses cookies, for example Google Analytics, to remember selected settings and entered information during your visit to our web shop. These cookies make it easier to browse our web shop because certain information does not have to be entered every time.
    In addition, Eko Bygghandel can use cookies that are necessary for the webshop function to work, even when you visit the webshop on your mobile phone or tablet.

  • 4.1.2 A / B TESTCOOKIES

    Eko Bygghandel continuously tests its web shop to be able to provide the best user experience, therefore Eko Bygghandel uses so-called A / B test cookies by third parties. With A / B tests, there are two different variants of the web shop, or parts of the web shop that are shown to visitors to decide which one works best. As such, this cookie determines which version of the webshop you see.


    The webshop uses cookies that keep track of which pages you have visited. This information is collected by web analytics services Aol (Adserver), Alexa, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, Pingdom, Hojtar and Piwik.
    These web analytics services use cookies to analyze how visitors use the web shop. Cookies are used to store visitor information, e.g. the time that the visit to the web shop took place or if the visitor has visited the web shop before and via which web shop the visitor ended up on the web page.
    To optimize the user and customer experience on our web shop, Eko Bygghandel Hojtar uses Web Analytics Service. Hojtar can register mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling activities. Hojtar also collects information about visited web pages, actions, the country you are in, the device you are using and the browser you are using. Hojtar does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) that you do not voluntarily provide on the web shop. Hojtar does not follow the browsing behavior of webshops that do not use its services. Hojtar's privacy policy contains a detailed explanation of how Hojtar is used: https://www.hojtar.com/privacy. You can always choose not to have your information collected by Hojtar when you visit our webshop, go to the page "Opt-out" on Hojtar webshop and click on "Disable Hojtar" to do this.
    The generated information about your use of the web shop is in most cases sent to the servers of relevant web analytics services. The web analytics services use this information to evaluate how you use the web shop, create reports on activities in the web shop and offer you other services related to the use of the web shop and the internet. Eko Bygghandel uses aggregated data from the reports for further optimization of the web shop.
    Eko Bygghandel refers to the privacy policy for relevant web analytics services where it describes how they handle your (personal) data when their products and services, including web analytics are used.


    The website uses affiliate cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertisements placed on behalf of Eko Bygghandels on third party websites. In this way, affiliate partners can be rewarded by Eko Bygghandel for their online advertising of Eko Bygghandel. Through these cookies, it can be checked via which affiliate partner you have reached our web shop, whether ads are effective and whether they actually led to a sale in our web shop. They do all this without exchanging personal data.


    The webshop uses retargeting cookies to show relevant ads to returning visitors of the webshop. With these cookies, a profile can be built for your surfing behavior so that the ads correspond to your interests. The ads are displayed on advertising partners' web shops and on social media.

  • Criteo

    Among other things, Criteo's retargeting cookies are used. For more information about information that Criteo collects, we refer to Criteo's privacy policy.

  • Google Adwords & Analytics Remarketing

    Eko Bygghandel uses remarketing services for Google AdWords and Analytics to display ads on third party websites (including Google) to previous visitors of Eko Bygghandel. This may mean, for example, that we show ads to a visitor who has not completed their order, or has just completed their order. The ads may be text or display ads in the Google Display Network.
    All information collected is used in accordance with the privacy and cookie policy. You can set your ad preferences through the Google Ad Preference page.

  • Retargeting Cookies third-party webshops

    Retargeting can also take place on third-party web shops (such as online marketplaces). Eko Bygghandel cookies are then used to display relevant ads for previous visitors in these other web shops.


    In the web shop you can use (for example) buttons for social media from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
    As soon as you visit a page in the web shop that has buttons for social media, your browser is connected to the relevant social media provider. This gives the supplier information about the pages on the webshop that you visited with your IP address.
    If you are logged in to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ during your visit to the web shop, your visit can be linked to your account. If you use the buttons by, for example, clicking on the Facebook Like symbol, relevant information is sent to and saved by the relevant supplier via your browser.
    The purpose and scope of the information collected via social media, as well as further processing, further use and the duration of storage is determined exclusively by the supplier of the buttons. You can read more about this in the relevant suppliers' privacy policy.


    You can accept or decline cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Each browser is different, so Eko Bygghandel refers you to the information page for your browser or the user manual for your phone to specify your cookie settings.
    If cookies are completely turned off, it is possible that you can not use all functions in the web shop. If you use different computers in different places, you must make sure that each browser's cookie settings are set according to your wishes.
    You can always delete cookies from the hard disk of your computer, phone or tablet. Read the information in your browser or user manual for your phone or tablet to learn how to do this. Please note: when you disable your cookies completely, some functions in the web shop may not work properly.


The content of this privacy and cookie policy is subject to change. The latest version is always available on Eko Bygghandel's web shop. Eko Bygghandel recommends that you regularly check this privacy and cookie policy, at least before you submit personal information to Eko Bygghandel.


If you are curious about what Eko Bygghandel can mean to you, want more information about participating in the affiliate program or the conditions such as becoming an official Eko Bygghandel affiliate, you can contact Eko Bygghandel. This can be done by phone or by e-mail. Address and telephone number can be found on the web shop.
The personal information you provide to Eko Bygghandel for this purpose will only be used to provide you with the requested information.


If you have any questions about this privacy and cookie policy, do not hesitate to contact Eko Bygghandel.

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