Benefits of cork flooring

What Are The Benefits Of Cork Flooring?

If you are thinking about installing the cork flooring. There are many benefits of cork flooring. People often ignore cork flooring when constructing their home or offices but at EBYGGHANDEL.SE you will find a wide range of cork flooring. Once you get to know about the benefits it has you will surely consider it as an option. They are a complete package for all type of homes and offices. However, read this article before making a purchase.

What is cork flooring? 

Cork floor is made up of the bark of an oak tree that is harvested every 9 years without the tree being chopped down. To make corks for the wine business people use the bulk of cork gathered.and what is left over from the press is used to make other items such as cork boards and flooring. Cork floors are dent resistant than other types of flooring material and provide a more pleasant surface to stand on.

Benefits of cork flooring

Here are some solid reasons that you need to consider cork flooring as your flooring for home and office. Have a look!

Environmentally friendly

Cork is a weird place. It’s used for a variety of purposes, although few people are aware of its origins. It might surprise you to find that cork originates from plants! Cork is just the term for the bark of an oak tree known as the Cork Oak. Usually cork is found in Africa and Europe.

The best thing about cork is that there is no negative impact on trees. The bark regrow and after nine years you can collect them therefore it is extremely long lasting.


Hardwood, carpet, or tile are found in a large proportion of homes. Have you ever walked into a house with a cork floor? Cork isn’t everyone’s first option when it comes to building or remodeling a home, which makes it a good choice for those who prefer to go against the grain and stand out.


Cork flooring is fire and water resistant.  According to CDC Distributors, cork is inherently anti-microbial, which means it “repels insects, bacteria, rodents, microorganisms, and other pathogens that can be dwelling on a busy floor’s surface.” Cork is also a horrible home for mold, mildew, and termites, making it an excellent alternative for your home.


Cork flooring is durable and adaptable. It  lasts up to 40 years. Often they are found in libraries, banks, courthouses, schools, and a variety of other places. Cork flooring has a very long life and can be repaired if damaged and the softness and give of the floor causes less of a grinding action to occur with normal foot traffic than on harder surfaces such as hardwood floors. It also has a very long life and can be repaired if damaged, rather than having to be completely replaced.


Cork isn’t simply a strange bulletin board material, a difficult-to-remove plug from your wine bottle, or the lid on those expensive bath salts jars. It could look better than you think. It can be gleaming, smooth, and in a variety of shapes and colors. It does not appear cheap when done well. If you desire the look of alternative flooring with the benefits of cork, it may also imitate tile and hardwood.


Cork isn’t stiff in the same way as tile or hardwood is. Cork will “bounce back as you travel around the floor and is a great alternative to ceramic tile if you have damaged knees, joints, back, etc . Even better, for those of us who prefer to wander about barefoot, cork does not become as chilly as tile or wood.


Now that you know how amazing cork is, we hope you’ll consider it as one of your gorgeous and eco-friendly flooring. Cork flooring comes with a lot of benefits and peace. This is extremely long lasting and durable because the material is natural. So what are you waiting for? Get your cork flooring booked by now.

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