Myths About Cleaning Wooden Floors

What Are The Common Myths About Cleaning Wooden Floors?

There are only some myths about cleaning wooden floors. Undoubtedly, Wooden flooring is a wise and nice investment. Everyone wants to buy wooden flooring because it comes in a variety of designs and apart from that it is easy to install and looks extremely gorgeous. To use wooden floors in the long run they need care and maintenance. It might be difficult for you to maintain wooden floors because you need to figure out the right method of cleaning and maintenance.

Myths About Cleaning Wooden Floors

However, thanks to the internet who never leave us without information. We are here to provide you the right information and discuss the myths that have been created about flooring. After reading this article you can maintain your floors easily.

Use any cleaner on floor 

Different companies manufacture their material differently. Therefore, they recommend cleaners that suit their material best. Using the wrong cleaners and soaps can make your flooring less appealing and can cause harm. No matter what material you are using, you need to follow the instructions of manufacturers to get the best results. Certain cleansers are recommended by floor makers for a purpose.Cleaning options for hardwood, tile, and other types of flooring are available on the market.

Bucket of water and mop is enough 

This is the most common recommendation that we get. No doubt that water is enough but isn’t it true that standing water can cause harm to your wood especially when the floor is not properly sealed. Wet wooden floors can expand, damage, crack, and splinter. Therefore you need to be very careful while using a bucket of water. Similarly, just mopping with water will not prevent dirt accumulation. It might also leave a dirty appearance.

Vinegar and water can do wonders 

We can not deny the fact that vinegar is the most effective way of cleaning. It is a low cost, non toxic cleaner for the wood, however even after all this vinegar failed to be the best cleaner for wooden floors. For starters, it’s acidic. Vinegar’s acetic acid may eat away at or etch the polyurethane surface, making your once-shiny flooring appear dull over time. However neutral pH and special cleaners are more effective than vinegar when it comes to removing grime and filth.

All you need is ammonia

Ammonia is nor different to vinegar, they both are traditional ways to clean wooden flooring. People often think that they work wonderfully on a variety of surfaces but actually ammonia is equally harmful for your wooden flooring. Ammonia, unlike vinegar, is a base with a pH of roughly 11 close to home bleach. It can be harsh on the finish because the pH isn’t neutral, producing discolouration over time.

Steam mop do wonders 

The claim of steam mop is that it provides a deep and sanitized cleaning without any efforts. When it comes to cleaning a wooden flooring, first it takes the truism of housekeeping then it mixes water and wood and lastly it makes everything worse by adding heat. Steam mops cause hardwood floors to peel, crack, and discolor over time, voiding your guarantee in many circumstances.

Vacuum is enough 

Vacuum can cause damage to the sealant layer of the floor if its done regularly. Broom and mop is enough for everyday cleaning. Vacuuming everyday is not recommended because of the damage it does to the wooden floor. However, this point is the most overlooked because people usually use vacuum frequently. To avoid scratches you should make minimal use of vacuum.

Oil-based cleanser over everything 

There are many furniture that are cleaned by oil-based cleansers. However, when it comes to hardwood floors, you’re actually cleaning the polyurethane coating rather than the wood. Oil cleansers often create a buildup on the floor, which might make refinishing more difficult in the future. So next time when you think of using oil-based cleansers, think about this point twice.


You hear about many Myths About Cleaning Wooden Floors. But this article has collected all the useful information. The right way to clean you wooden flooring is to use as little liquid as possible. All you need is a good cleanser that is recommended by your manufacturer. Wipe all the dirt from a wooden floor by using cloth or broom. Instantly remove the stain or pet poop from the wooden floor. And to get the best results, use a vacuum once a week.

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