What Do I Need To Know About The Maintenance Of A Pool?

What Do I Need To Know About The Maintenance Of A Pool?

Pool is the best place in summer to be at. The beach and the pool are fantastic family activities and are great locations to cool down from the sweltering heat. Private pool allows you to have your own space and do whatever you want. Sometimes it is hard to maintain a pool but don’t worry, in this article we will let you know the basics to keep your pool clean.  Pool owners sometimes overlook the fact that having a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities. If the pool is not consistently cleaned and cared for, it might result in a number of accidents, illnesses, and infections.

However, keeping your swimming pool clean is very important. Clean it at least once a week to avoid any bacteria and other stuff. You will probably need some pool accessories to keep your pool maintained. Ebygghandel.se has all the accessories that will help you to maintain your pool.

When to change the water in the pool

Every five to seven years, the water in your pool should be replaced. You should drain and replenish your pool as much as possible while the weather is nice. It is done to prevent heat and direct sunlight from damaging the pool. A pool care business may also suggest the best time to empty your pool. You may decrease the frequency of water replacements by doing routine pool maintenance. By doing this, you’ll also shield the water in your pool from danger. To prevent damage to your pool, it is preferable to leave its upkeep to knowledgeable specialists.

Why it’s not a good idea to drain a pool too often

Not adding water to your pool is dangerous. Water loss can expose a pool to dangers like hydrostatic pressure. Groundwater pressure pushing on your pool’s walls and flooring is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. Under the pool, groundwater exerts pressure that presses up on the floor. This may result in the pool floor shifting and cracking in concrete pools. In pools made of vinyl and fiberglass, it can elevate the floor and harm the walls.

Why does a pool have good circulation?

Inground pool 

Building your own pool is alway a great idea but it is a dream for many. Not everyone can afford their own pool therefore we have a variety of inground pools that will take your swimming experience to another level. We have a range of Pool Basic InGround 120 500×300 Cm, Pool, Basic 120 Ø350 Cm White Pool hose Ø38 9 M Gray, Pool Crete 90 Ø350 Cm, Stege Inground 3 Steps and Liner For Crete Pool Ø3.50 X 0.90m 0.3


Pumps come in different ranges and varieties: Electronic 3-way shut-off valve, Soldusch 16 L, Bypass Kit For Heat Pump and Pump 450W Self-priming And Pre-filter. They keep the pool water clean and tidy.  Single-speed pumps frequently operate at greater speeds than necessary, which interferes with the efficient operation of your filter and uses a lot of energy. Purchase a variable-speed pump, and preferably operate it continuously at a lower level that works for your pool. This will result in steady circulation, sufficient turnover, and minimal energy use. Moreover, variable-speed pumps may be adjusted to the precise speed your pool demands and have more efficient motors than conventional pumps, which might result in considerable power cost savings.

Hidden diseases and bacteria

To avoid different kinds of diseases chlorine is used. Ebygghandel.se has a range of chlorine which includes: EasySalt Chlorine Generator 30 M3, Pool Start Set Chlorine and Chlorine Starter Fast Dissolving Granules 5 Kg. Unclean swimming pools have a high chance of harboring dangerous germs and other contaminants that can have a severe impact on your health. Some of the ways that you can pollute pool water and increase your risk of viral infections and illnesses include urinating in the pool and not washing your hands before you go in. If private swimming pools are not routinely cleaned and maintained, they will eventually turn out the same manner.


You can keep your pool clean by using some of our products. So what are you waiting for? visit our website and order your pool accessory now.

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