What Is Click Vinyl Flooring?

Click vinyl flooring

Do you want to replace traditional vinyl flooring? Well, click vinyl flooring is the new method of glueless installation. Click and lock is a new method used worldwide. This method is the safest among all because no dangerous glue is harming and also it is fast and easy to install. Click and lock vinyl flooring is also known as vinyl click plank flooring and it comes in a variety of designs and wood patterns. Our amazing variety of vinyl flooring will compliment the decor of your home, office in different styles and give it a modern touch.

Advantages of click vinyl flooring

Fast and easy to install  

The feature that it is glueless is what makes click vinyl flooring unique and eye-catching. Upto 50% of the time is saved while installing the click vinyl flooring compared to the traditional vinyl flooring. Another amazing part of click vinyl flooring is that it doesn’t need any preparation like other flooring. Click vinyl flooring can also be installed on the hardwood, concrete and other floors without damaging and destroying.

Environmentally friendly

Click vinyl flooring provides a safe environment to your home and office as it does not use any glue. Installation of click vinyl flooring does not require any glue or adhesive and it keeps you and your family safe from toxic adhesive fumes.


Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring is 100% waterproof since no adhesive is utilized during the installation procedure, unlike other forms of vinyl flooring that require glue. The adhesive used in these types of vinyl floors will be gradually degraded over time as moisture seeps through the vinyl floor. As a result, vinyl floors with adhesive are prone to warping and water damage.

Appropriate for both home and commercial use

Vinyl click plank flooring is perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms in the home. People may move into their new homes sooner because of the quick and easy installation procedure that eliminates the need to wait for the floor to set. Apart from the offices and home other commercial and industrial places we have hospitals, hotels, warehouses and outlets. Ideally commercial places need a fast word so that they may resume their jobs as soon as possible. Vinyl click planks are the best as it saves a lot of time and effort in installation.


Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain because it is water resistant and robust in nature. You can keep the floor clean just by using a broom, vacuum and sweeping it with the cloth everyday. You can clean the dirt and spillages from the flooring without worrying about the everyday damage. If you find stubborn marks or spots on the flooring you can clean them by using a mop and cleaning kit.


Gluedown LVT is more suited to rooms with changing temperatures. Because it is tightly attached to the subfloor, there is less room for the flooring to expand and compress, which might cause the floor to rise over time. In a place where the temperature is steady and controlled, however, you shouldn’t have these problems with click flooring.

Aesthetics & Convenience

When it comes to the appearance of your luxury vinyl flooring, the difference between glue down and click is frequently negligible. The design is identical, and both feature rough surfaces for a realistic appearance. Aesthetics and comfort are at the forefront of everyone’s considerations when looking for LVT flooring. Will the flooring have a realistic appearance? Without underlay, would it be too hard to walk on? You may be asking yourself these essential questions.


If you were confused between click vinyl flooring and traditional flooring, then this article will help you to clear your vision. Click vinyl flooring has a lot more advantages than traditional one.

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