What Material Can I Use For Plank Fence?

What Material Can I Use For Plank Fence?

Before you build fences for your property, you need to think about everything that you are investing in. The material is the first and foremost thing to be considered when it comes to build fences. You need to fix your budget and see which material suits you the best. Fence plank are available in different materials and designs. You must have a survey on the plank fence before you make a purchase. You need a lot of surveys if you’re installing the fence along a property line. If you are a member of a homeowners association or reside in a subdivision subject to covenants, you can be limited in what materials you can use and how high your fences can be. Choosing the appropriate kind of fence material is the following step once you’ve received the all-clear.

Why is a plank fence important? 

The installation of a plank fence around your property has several practical advantages. One of the key motives for installing plank fences is security. If you live next to a nature reserve, a plank fence will be very useful since it will keep stray or wild animals out of your yard where they might hurt you and your family. If you are concerned about neighbors breaking in or spying on you, fencing is also vital from a privacy standpoint.you can enjoy your time fearlessly.


The king of backyard privacy plank fence, cedar, is renowned for its enduring good looks, which include a tight grain, few knots, and an attractive red colour, and its assurance that it will never warp or shrink. Although cedar naturally resists insects and decay, it is less resistant to soil than treated wood and will likely rot after a number of years in the ground. If you decide to construct a fence out of cedar, it is advised that you either set it on a concrete foundation or fasten it to treated wood fence posts.


Vinyl has gained a lot of name in these years, Even though vinyl fence has been around for a while, it is still a relatively new product. After a few years, early vinyl fencing products tended to turn yellow, droop, or become brittle, but today’s fence producers are producing sturdy fencing materials in a range of heights and styles. Vinyl is one of the best and durable materials that everyone wants in their garden and balcony.


Composite fence, which is made of wood fibres and plastic polymers, has a wood-like appearance without the risk of rot and insect deterioration. Although somewhat more expensive in terms of material and installation than vinyl and cedar, composite fences need to be installed precisely by experts, much like vinyl fencing. You should weigh your selections and get composite plank fence components from a reliable merchant because the material’s quality differs.

Cherry and Teakwood

A redwood or teak fence costs you a lot of money, but nothing can match their smoothness and shine in their natural state. The peace you get from his material is priceless. Redwood and teak plank fences are often only used in tiny spaces, such as enclosures around spas or swimming pools, due to their high cost. Redwood and teak both have an inherent resistance to insects, rot, shrinkage, and warping from the outdoors, just like cedar.


Metal fence options come in a variety to match or integrate with any home exterior, from traditional to contemporary. If you want to add the classic beauty of wrought iron to your home, take into account employing a qualified fencing contractor because these enclosures often are customized to fit the property and even contain more complex patterns.


Every material has its own benefits. It is just your preference which material fulfills your needs. If you want to have long lasting material vinyl and composite should be your preference. However,  EBYGGHANDEL.SE has all the materials you are looking for.

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