Which Deck Is Best For You: Wood Or Composite wood?

Which Deck Is Best For You: Wood Or Composite wood?

Are you looking for durable and good quality material? Are you stuck between wood and composite wood? It’s been a long debate for years about which material is better since traditional people still prefer wood because there are alot of myths about composite wood. Composite wood looks exactly like wood. However, this article will elaborate the qualities of wood and composite wood. Have a look.

Wood Decking

Wood decking has alway remained the popular choice for flooring among the people. Since the beginning of time, we know it is a tried-and-true substance that looks beautiful. There are alot of benefits of  using wood such as: its affordability, durability, and comes in a variety of materials like cedar and redwood.


Even if composite decking is designed as wood, no material can be as exact as the original one. Some people are obsessed with the natural glam of wood and no matter what they choose wood over other materials everytime. Despite its durability, wood decking still requires more time, money, and effort for maintenance. Every two to five years, most decks need a complete retreatment that includes sanding, cleaning, staining or painting, and sealing. The deck will deteriorate and eventually decay if not maintained.


Additionally, wood decks are known to splinter or warp as a result of exposure to the elements or regular use. In pressure-treated wood, this is very obvious. A well maintained deck, however, may often last up to 20 years or longer. Although still not as lengthy as composite, this period of time is impressive if handled properly.

What Is Composite Wood?

Decking, plywood, parallams, and OSB are a few examples of composite wood. Composite wood has a wide range and variety that is made up of recycled plastic, fiber, strands, sawdust, or bits of wood together. Use of real wood in composite wood is what makes it strong and long lasting. Compared to conventional composites like MDF or particleboard, they are a relatively new material, although they are highly well-liked. It is sometimes referred to as engineered wood, man-made wood, or wood-plastic composite (WPC).

Uses of composite wood

You can use composite wood anywhere such as cabinets, furniture, flooring, siding, etc. Composite wood is less costly than wood, but it is stronger and has the same appearance. Due to the chemicals used to combine and bond the wood particles, several businesses steer clear of using composite wood while construction.


Composite wood is more durable than wood because it is water resistant, insect resistant, and element resistant.it does not easily get rotted by the surrounding things. Composite wood lasts for 20 to 25 years if used properly.

Which material is the best one?

The material depends on your needs and how you take care of the material. If you take care of the material it expands its life. If we compare wood and composite, wood needs more maintenance. Initially it seems less expensive but if you evaluate the cost of maintenance wood is more expensive than composite wood.  If you are looking for some cheap material, you can prefer wood but if you are looking for a durable material you can prefer composite and PVC.


Make sure your contractor selects a high-quality product regardless of the kind of decking material you decide on. The secret to make your deck long lasting is good installation, high-quality components, and regular maintenance. Consider your needs and then get your material booked on EBYGGHANDEL.SE.

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