Which Is Better, A Wooden One Or A Wpc Wood?

Which Is Better, A Wooden One Or A Wpc Wood?

Do you need materials that will last and be of high quality? Are you torn between using WPC wood and wood? There has been much discussion over whether material is superior for years since traditionalists still like wood and there are many misconceptions regarding WPC wood. WPC wood has a wood-like appearance. The characteristics of wood and WPC wood will be discussed in more detail in this article. Continue reading

Wood decking

The most often used type of flooring among individuals continues to be wood decking. We have known it to be a tried-and-true material with attractive appearance from the beginning of time. Using wood has several advantages, including price, durability, and availability in a range of materials, such as cedar and redwood.


Even though WPC decking is made to look like wood, no material can match the original in exactness. Some people are completely enamored with the rustic beauty of wood, and they always select wood over other materials. Wood decking still needs more time, money, and effort to maintain while being more durable. Most decks require a thorough retreatment every two to five years, which involves sanding, cleaning, staining or painting, and sealing. If the deck is not maintained, it will degrade and finally rot.


Additionally, exposure to the outdoors or constant usage are known to cause wood decks to splinter or warp. This is extremely clear in pressure-treated wood. However, a well-maintained deck is likely to endure at least 20 years. This time frame is excellent if managed properly, even if it is still not as long as composite.

How does WPC wood work?

Examples of WPC wood include decking, plywood, parallams, and OSB. There are many different types of WPC wood that are created by combining recycled plastic, fiber, strands, sawdust, or small pieces of wood. WPC wood’s strength and durability come from the use of actual wood in its construction. They are a relatively new material compared to more traditional composites like MDF or particleboard, despite being quite popular. Sometimes it is referred to as wood-plastic composite, engineered wood, or manufactured wood (WPC).

WPC wood applications

Anywhere, including cabinets, furniture, flooring, siding, etc., may use WPC wood. Although less expensive than real wood, WPC wood is just as robust and looks the same. Many companies avoid utilizing WPC wood while building because of the chemicals that were used to mix and glue the wood particles.


Because it is resistant to elements, insects, and water, WPC wood is more durable than wood. It resists being readily degraded by the environment. If utilized appropriately, WPC wood has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years.

What is the best material?

The material is dependent upon your needs and how you treat it. The lifespan of a material can be extended by proper maintenance. Wood requires greater maintenance as compared to composite. When you consider the expense of upkeep, wood is more expensive than composite wood, while first appearing to be less expensive. Wood is a good option if you’re searching for a cheap material, while composite and PVC are better options if you want something that will last.


Regardless of the type of decking material you choose, make sure your contractor chooses a high-quality item. The key to making your WPC wood last is proper installation, premium materials, and frequent maintenance. After weighing your demands, reserve your material on EBYGGHANDEL.SE.

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