Best water resistant wooden flooring

Which Is The Best Water Resistant Wooden Flooring?

Best Water Resistant Wooden Flooring

Are you looking for a best water resistant wooden flooring? Well, it is a good idea to have water resistant or waterproof floors in your house, especially in places like kitchens or bathrooms. Where people often spilled drinks or an overflowing tub. However, according to your need and budget you can choose the wooden flooring such as real hardwood, laminate flooring or premium vinyl. But before you pick a material for you, you should have all the information about the material therefore we have compiled some information in this article.

What makes water-resistant floors?

People are often unaware of the fact that what makes a floor water-resistant. When water comes into touch with wood and goes down to the plank’s core it expands and warps. When floorboards become wet, the floor becomes irrevocably ruined and mildew can develop. Water-resistant flooring has an additional barrier that stops moisture from seeping into the core for a set period of time. Water resistance indicates that while direct contact with water will not cause harm, the water will ultimately have to be wiped away before it can pass through the barrier.

Solid wooden flooring 

Solid wooden flooring is the least water resistant flooring out of all. This is sensitive to water because it is a pure material. Solid wooden flooring needs extra care and maintenance. You need to wipe standing water immediately to protect your wooden flooring. While there are techniques to keep moisture out of solid hardwood flooring, it isn’t the ideal option if you want a water-resistant surface. The cupping effect on solid hardwood floor boards can be caused by a change in humidity or moisture in the space. Cupping gives the tops of hardwood boards an unlevel u shape, giving them a washboard appearance that no one desires.

Laminate wooden flooring

Laminate wooden flooring is easy to install. The best part of this wooden flooring is that it is available at low prices. However it is not as long lasting as hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is prone to dents, and less expensive options develop bubbling on top, ruining the wood look of your floor. There are higher-quality laminates available these days at EBYGGHANDEL.SE.

Engineered wooden flooring 

Traditional engineered hardwoods are not waterproof in any way. A vinyl core with a wooden top or exterior wooden layer makes up a new engineered hardwood product. Engineered vinyl plank, or EVP, is the name for it. Because it is a new floor type, we don’t have a lot of experience describing how water impacts it. Although the wood exterior claims to be waterproof, it is still an organic substance. Over time, contact with water causes wood to deteriorate.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. Long plank strips with a solid waterproof core are available in Luxury Vinyl flooring. Water does not harm or damage luxury vinyl flooring no matter how much water is poured into it. However, Vinyl is commonly available in two main types: wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite. Both cores are made of water-resistant. This flooring is available in a number of designs and colors to complement the overall aesthetic of your house at EBYGGHANDEL.SE.


After considering different building materials. The simple conclusion about the best water resistant wooden flooring is that there are no truly waterproof wood flooring solutions available. Vinyl flooring is somehow better than other materials because it is water-resistant. However the choice is completely yours which material do your trust and want to use in your home. EBYGGHANDEL.SE has a wide range of all the products and material in various colours, styles and designs.

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