Why Do I Need A Horizontal Fence?

Why Do I Need A Horizontal Fence?

Adding a fence in your garden is a great idea because it protects your home. Your children and pets are secured with the fence.  A fence is a part of your home’s exterior design that adds aesthetic appearance to your home. Since many years ago, fences made of vertical boards have been used because of their adjustability and durability. But with time people have started giving importance to horizontal fence because of their sleek and contemporary quality.

What is a horizontal fence? 

A fence post and plank is used to build a horizontal fence. To reduce any chance of dropping people use fence posts typically spaced six feet apart. However, stringers are not used to build horizontal fences. Horizontal fences are the standard appearance for a lot of homes and localities. In comparison to wooden fence posts types, installing horizontal low fence correctly takes more expertise and workmanship. Only qualified personnel who have the skills and training can tell if the material can last longer and looks good. Also you can build fence horizontal slats to protect your home.

Which horizontal fence should I face my neighbor?

You need to take care of the side when it comes to facing your neighbor. The good and lovely side of the horizontal fence should be facing your neighbors. Also, they are basic manners and the great majority of townships and boroughs also enforce this regulation. When building your fence on your own or with a contractor, facing the incorrect way towards your neighbor might result in you being legally compelled to alter the horizontal fence at your own expense. No matter whether you paint or stain one side of the fence or both.

Fence posts

You must carefully consider your fence post spacing while building a horizontal fence because it will mostly depend on the length of your boards. You should use 16-foot fence boards to split the fence’s perimeter into equal pieces, leaving approximately 7 and a half feet between each fence post’s center and the fence’s border.

This gave us the assurance that the boards’ ends would align with the middle of each post and offer a large enough surface area for attachment. In order to ensure that every fence post was precisely the same, we also left the posts taller than was necessary and then cut them down to the final height. The height of the horizontal boards, the number of rows, and the distance between the boards all contributed to the ultimate post height.

What do you want with your fence?

Horizontal fence inspiration

When it comes down to it, individuals build barriers to accomplish a certain goal. Whether it be a home or business property, they specify the perimeter.


The building components are the same whether a vertical or horizontal fence is installed. Installing the fence posts is the first step. The sturdy backbone of your fence is made up of these vertical pieces of four by four timber. A horizontal fence should have the fence post placed closely together. If you’re constructing a vertical fence, the fence stringers must be added next. They often run along the top, bottom, and occasionally the middle of a fence and are made of two-by-fours.The fence planks should be attached to the fence post and stringer, if you’re using them. You can use resources in inventive ways at this point.


Fences improve the appearance of a property in addition to offering protection, according to both homeowners and landscapers. A garden full of native plants will look beautiful with a fence made of locally obtained sustainable wood that is both vertical and horizontal. Some individuals use their fences as trellises for passionfruit and grapevines, or they decorate them with vertical pots. You could wish to construct a quaint white picket fence to improve the curb appeal of your house. For instance, high-quality new or recycled wood, metal, and vinyl are typically used to make fence boards. There are several designs, patterns, and styles for each of these materials.


Before you purchase a fence for your home you need to know why a horizontal fence is important and why you need it in your home. However we have a wide range of horizontal fences in different materials.

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