Why Should I Choose Composite Wood?

Why Should I Choose Composite Wood?

So are you ready to rebuild your outdoor deck and floor? Are you prepared to do it yourself or hire a certified and insured contractor? If you want to install composite wood yourself then there are few things that you need to be aware of. Firstly you should be sure of the material you are buying. Composite wood is no doubt a complete package because it offers everything from durability to increasing your home value. We can not deny the fact that wood still has a high demand but somehow people are preferring composite over wood. Because composite wood looks like wood and lasts longer than wood.

What is composite wood?

Composite wood is a mixture of plastic and wood therefore it has the advantages of both. It looks like wood because it is made of leftovers of wood and recycled plastic. However, people use it frequently for outdoor flooring, railings, fences, cladding, outdoor landscapes, cornices, door and window frames, interior furniture, outdoor furniture, and other applications.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Similar to timber decking, composite wood gives you the freedom to build a deck that meets all of your requirements. There are several colors and forms available for composite decking materials, making them perfect for almost any outdoor design you can imagine. With composite wood, you can produce whatever you can with conventional hardwood, even down to the improved wood textures and subdued modern colors. The board designs and tones, which come in a variety of classic and modern colors, may be contrasted and blended to accent deck edges for a sleek, contemporary look.


High-performance or capped wood alternatives, unlike wood and even many PVC solutions, resist fading, scratching, and mold and won’t rot, warp, fracture, or splinter. Newer composites, like the high-performance Thanks to unique protective shell and high-traffic composition that composite wood does not fade, stain, and mold resistance.

Easy to maintain 

Composite wood should be cleaned, stained, and sealed. This procedure might take several days and may call for the use of heavy machinery, such as a power washer. Since high-performance composites require less maintenance over the course of several years, you can spend more time using and enjoying your deck. Simply clean with soap and water twice a year to avoid ever having to bother about sanding, staining, or painting. Since spills, splashes, and other accidents are unavoidable, it’s crucial to choose a composite that promises no-fade color so that your decking keeps its appearance for decades after installation.

Aesthetic value 

Composite wood is made with an accurate wood grain pattern to complement any outdoor space, offering all the natural beauty of hardwood decking in a stronger and more practical aesthetic form. The decking’s stainless steel concealed fastening system keeps your finished deck spotless and gives the final decking a neat, consistent appearance without sacrificing function. With appealing wood grain on one or both sides of the board and textured ridges on the other, the decking has all the elegance of conventional wood.


Traditional timber decks are susceptible to rapid deterioration if not regularly maintained, especially in Sweden where we get chilly winters, scorching summers, and wet springs. Thankfully, plastic composite decks not only withstand a variety of climates well, but you can also be confident that your decking will endure a long time without the worry of wood.

Strong guarantees 

We guarantee extra reassurance for those seeking the highest level of confidence in everlasting beauty. Given how long-lasting composite decking is and how vital a homeowner’s warranty is, Additionally, the composite decking from EBYGGHANDEL.SE lasts for 25 to 30 years.


There are many reasons for making composite wood your first choice. EBYGGHANDEL.SE offers the best material for your floor in different designs, styles and patterns. Composite wood is durable, high in performance, easy to maintain and easy to install. So get your material booked by now.

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