Why Should I Use A UV Light System In My Pool?

Why Should I Use A UV Light System In My Pool?

Who loves to do pool parties in summer? Well, everyone is obsessed with the pool, especially kids. After school they want to spend their major time in the pool. However summer brings happiness and people are open for the activities. You can have a barbecue near your pool and have a lot of entertainment. It is always exciting to have new fun games and entertainment around your pool. Maintaining your pool is very important and for that you need to have a clean pool. Add some quality pool accessories in your pool to make it an amazing experience. Most people ask, Why is it important to use a UV light system in a pool? Well in this article you get the answer.

What is UV light?

An electromagnetic wave is referred to as an ultraviolet light or UV light. The Latin term “ultra,” which means beyond, is where the name “ultraviolet” comes from.  This is outside of the frequency of violet, which has the highest frequency of all the colors. Sun naturally emits this light so we can do tanning and sterilizing from this device.  While prolonged exposure to UV rays can be harmful, they can have many positive effects, particularly in terms of cleanliness. since it is very efficient at destroying bacteria on surfaces therefore UV sterilization is frequently used in settings like hospitals to sterilize equipment objects, and water.

What does a UV light do?

The strength of UV rays, which naturally come from sunshine and can clean most things they come in contact with, makes them special. The bacteria are rendered harmless and immobilized when the rays strike them by deactivating their DNA. A UV light that is positioned to shine on the water is how UV water treatment functions. UV light sanitizes water and things such as cooking utensils, food and surface that are in water.

You might be familiar with the sanitizing process, either you visit a dentist or go to a saloon for a haircut or other procedure. You must have seen how they sanitize their material. Similarly pools need to be sanitized. Pool needs a strong cleaning solution which is often bleach- or chlorine-based. They ensure that the pool is fully sanitized.

However, It is not advisable to use this for any catering supplies since it may taint everything it touches, which may then contaminate food or drink. Even after washing the solution off with water, there can still be dangerous particles present. The water would next need to be tested professionally to confirm that there are no germs present. This can take time and be expensive.

UV Light System

People use chemical disinfection for a long time in swimming pools. But as technology advances, new and safer disinfectants are beginning to overtake them such as UV Light System ClearWater 18 Watt, UVC Pool System 55W and ClearWater UV Light Universal. UV lights make an environment clean and safe for the swimmers. The germs in the water are rendered inactive and neutralized by the UV light, preventing them from contaminating and harming people.

Benefits of UV light system 

  • Environmentally friendly 

You will be surprised to know that the UV light system is not toxic because it is a natural source of light, it does not harm the skin or eyes. It is completely safe to use in the pool. Installing a UV Light System ClearWater 18 Watt  into your swimming pool system will not only help you lessen your environmental impact but will also demonstrate that you care about the people who use the facility.

  • Cost-Effective

EBYGGHANDEL.SE has offered a wide range of UV light systems at affordable prices. To make sure that chlorine doesn’t contaminate any other water sources or harm the area surrounding the pool, persons and organizations who use chlorine in their pool systems must pay for additional environmental safety precautions.

  • Never go overboard

Using UV light to disinfect your pool has the advantage that you don’t need to maintain the levels within the pool, unlike chemical alternatives that do require close monitoring. It is possible for swimmers in a pool to have chemical reactions if these chemical controls are off, but UV light wouldn’t cause this because it naturally kills germs.


Do you need professional UV light? If yes then EBYGGHANDEL.SE is the only place where you can trust blindly. We offer you a wide range of UV light systems such as: UV Light System ClearWater 18 Watt, UVC Pool System 55W and ClearWater UV Light Universal. To order now visit our website.

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